Chartbook Audio: Launching Ones and Tooze

The debut of my new weekly podcast with Cameron Abadi and Foreign Policy

Today was the debut for Ones and Tooze my new weekly podcast with my editor at Foreign Policy Cameron Abadi. Every week on Friday Cameron and I will be in conversation about two really interesting things that caught our eye, one more topical and newsy, the other more “background”.

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Having listened to the first episode, I have to say I am quite excited.

To be honest I didn’t know how this was going to turn out. Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes – intense one-one, the crazy gang, “the trio”. I’ve done them all and like them all in their own way. So, how would this one turn out?

Ones and Tooze is concentrated, professional and tightly edited. It is more NPR or BBC than basement tapes. It is only 24 minutes long and man, thanks to our brilliant editors, we pack a LOT in!

Above all thanks to the production team of Laura Rosbrow-Telem, Rob Sachs and Dan Ephron. On account of their skills both Cam and I are digitally enhanced! Plus, in this episode we have a great intro, clips, jingles, outros, PLUS Hobbes and Woodrow Wilson and debt ceilings and bond markets, and Keynes and infrastructure and really interesting numbers.

In this episode we talk about America’s debt ceiling and the global furlough. For the debt ceiling I would like to thank Brendan Greeley for a piece he did back at the end of August on US Treasuries.

Next week, if memory serves, we are doing high speed rail investment, the anniversary celebrations of the TGV and a mystery data point still to be decided. Please do listen and give us feedback. The formula is evolving ….

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