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20/20 Vision in a Time of Crisis. Cover Image.

20/20 Vision in a Time of Crisis with the Columbia Maison Française

A conversation with Etienne Balibar, Adam Tooze, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Emmanuelle Saada, moderated by Bernard Harcourt. The Covid-19 pandemic and public health crisis; economic collapse; waves of anti-racist protests; threats to democracy and rising authoritarianism in the U.S. and elsewhere, all against a backdrop of

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World Order, Then and Now with the ChinaTalk Podcast

In this conversation: What we can learn from the diplomatic and economic modes of 1920s and 30s Why Nazi legal theory resonates so well in China today How modes of understanding Nazi Germany can help illustrate China How Xinjiang camps echo the logic of Soviet

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The Prospect Interview #145: The Covid-19 economic crisis

The pandemic has shattered economies all over the globe. What can be done about it? Discussion with the Prospect Interview to talk about how the impending recession compares to past crises, what policies ought to be taken, and whether we are really seeing the end of neoliberalism.  Learn more about the the Prospect Interview podcast at their website.

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Breakdown Podcast

How Much Should We Fear Post-Crisis Debt or Inflation? With The Breakdown podcast.

How Much Should We Fear Post-Crisis Debt or Inflation? My conversation with Nathaniel Whittemore (@nlw) at The Breakdown covers historical analogies for our present moment, Federal Reserve policy and independence, debt and inflation post-coronavirus. We also discuss how the economic and political crisis of 2020 has changed or reinforced the trajectory of the U.S., China and Europe, and why there is no such thing as the post-American era.

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The World after Covid 19 with the SWOP Institute

The second webinar in a series co-hosted with the SWOP Institute, Wiser, History Workshop and the UJ History Department. For readings and details series please follow this link:… For more information about SWOP, publications

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