Chartbook # 1

Introducing Adam Tooze Chartbook # 1.

Vaccine refrigeration, Biden’s economics team, IMF fiscal reports, Turkey under financial pressure, Nagorno-Karabakh, Indian potato inflation and the market for Gerhard Richter paintings … they were all hot news in the last few days. 

But on twitter it can be hard to follow. It makes me dizzy too. 

To help bring some order to the flow, I am experimenting with a new format: a chartbook that collects significant images, charts and links that I tweeted out over the last few days etc, in an accessible format. 

You can download the Adam Tooze Chartbook # 1 here: Chartbook 1 15 Nov 2020

It includes great stuff, ranging from investments in freezer farms to the IMF’s assessment of 2020 green stimulus programs and reviews of the latest work on the economics of slavery.

All the images are linked. Some are from publicly available sources. Some are from behind paywalls. I’m advertising great journalistic and analytical work here. In any event, the images are out there circulating for free on twitter and I thought folks might enjoy the selection.


This is an experiment, which may ultimately form the backbone of a regular newsletter. Check it out. 


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