Daily Notes 2017/7

In the pile of charts and screenshots this morning were:

US Stuff 

On Illinois and its ongoing budget crisis.


I have very fond memories of a year at Champagne-Urbana in 2004. To see this makes my heart ache.

On the craziness of GOP health care plan. A natural experiment in political suicide.


On China’s double FISCAL stimulus in 2015 and 2017.

The World Responds to Trump

Amazing Pew report about global responses to Trump:



On the vast missed opportunity of trade in the Bay of Bengal. India’s trade with ASEAN barely greater than that of Australia!


On the impact of the crisis and new liquidity regulations on the US banking system:

BIS annual report on globalization

Bumper crop of great charts from the BIS annual report:


Sourced with thanks from FT Alphaville, WSJ Daily Shot, WaPo, BIS et al.

I’ll figure out an economical way to put this in a sensible oder next time.

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