Chartbook Audio #3: China edition

Back in July I did a long piece for the New Statesman on China and its relations with the West.

One of the pleasures of doing this kind of writing is that it provokes further conversation and one of the pleasures of our new world of digital media is that these conversations can take place in public in a relaxed, unstructured podcast form.

The New Statesman China piece spawned two podcast episodes.

One with Jeremy Cliffe and Emily Tamkin of NS on their regular show.

The other – a particular privilege – with Kaiser Kuo of Sinica and SupChina.

The two conversations made for an interesting contrast. Jeremy, Emily and I, are none of us die-in-the-wool China experts, so the conversation goes to all sorts of interesting places.

Kaiser on the other hand is one of a cohort of brilliant folks devoted to the exchange of ideas and culture between China and the West. They face a break in their historical perspective and future outlook that is very profound – not a surprise, but nevertheless dramatic.

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Chartbook Audio #1 – 2019 FT Alphachat with Mark Blyth and Brendan Greeley

Back in February 2019 I sat down with two friends – Mark Blyth of Brown University (he of “austerity” and “angrynomics”) and Brendan Greeley of the FT – to talk about political economy, the 1970s, the “China shock”. It was a really good conversation. Recalling the scene – I think it was in my Columbia office – it seem as though it comes from another world. But the content has stood up well.

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