Ones and Tooze: the COP edition

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… plus global food prices.

This week on Ones and Tooze, Cameron and I give you a run down of COP26.

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One factoid I wish I had known ahead of time is COP26’s own carbon footprint:

Apparently, of COP26’s estimated 53,374 tons of carbon footprint, 45k are for air travel. Source: FT

The second segment in the podcast is on global food prices.

I covered this story in Chartbook last week.

This morning I read in the FT that the ripple effect is spreading through the food chain. The FT has compiled a “cost of breakfast”-index consisting of futures prices for coffee, milk, oats, orange juice and wheat, it has surged 60 percent since its low in the spring of 2020.

On top of the harvest failures in Brazil, we have other climate issues to deal with:
”Oat prices, meanwhile, have doubled this year after a severe drought in Canada wiped out almost half of its crop. As the world’s largest oat producer and exporter, Canada’s oat production drives global trade, and this year its crop shrank 44 per cent, according to Gro.” Oats are at an index value of 240 relative to 100 in the summer of 2020.

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