War in Germany: Prussia and the problem of war in the 18th century

The Fall of Fortress Kolberg 1761 A. Kotsebu (1815-1889), 1852.

War in Germany 2018 reached and crossed the 18th century this week with a lecture on Frederick the Great and a lecture on how 18th-century Franco-German thinkers digested the impact of the Seven Years War.


(1) How to offer a non-heroic and de-centered account of the Frederick phenomenon. The reading for this week was from Chris Clark’s marvelous Iron Kingdom plus his lovely BBC documentary. So the students were getting a big dose of the Prussian story from those sources.

(2) How to portray both the apex and the crisis of the absolutist military model in a frame that spans “France-“Germany”-and the world”?

It was a squeeze. The timing of the second lecture is off by 10 minutes.

Download the powerpoint here:

WinG2018 Lecture 4 Frederick

WinG2018 Lecture 5 Enlightenment

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