The Cambridge History of the Second World War Vol. 3

The Cambridge History of World War II was a remarkable multi-national effort to survey the state of historical scholarship on that conflict. In putting together Volume 3 it was a privilege to collaborate with the historian Michael Geyer (emeritus University of Chicago). For me, Michael has always been the “hidden king” of the history of World War 2, modern Germany and of global history. For a sense of his brilliance, read Michael Geyer, Charles Bright, “World History in a Global Age” The American Historical Review, Volume 100, Issue. 4 (Oct., 1995), 1034-1060. In assembling the 27 essays collected in Volume 3, spanning the fields of political, military, social, cultural and economic history, our ambition was not to map familiar terrain, but to engage in a collective exploration of what it might mean to write a truly global history of World War II. To get a sense of our agenda you may wish to sample the Introduction, which I co-wrote with Michael Geyer (available  here), the essay on war finance, co-written with Jamie Martin (available here), and the essay on the “War of the Villages”, which I contributed (available here).

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