How Covid will change psyche of Global Leadership with Shoma Chaudhury

Adam Tooze and Shoma Chaudhury speaking over video
Covid-19 will have a massive whiplash effect and change the psychology of global leadership. But we will not see a new post-Covid world. In a riveting interview, Adam Tooze, historian of 20th century who has studied the rise and fall of societies, explains why. From the World Wars to 2008 crisis, from climate change to zoonotic diseases.

From welfare state to health care. He cuts through all the big talk and lays out the world for what it really is. Without any ribbons. In this fascinating counter-narrative, he also spells out the biggest takeaway from Covid-19: alertness. And spells out why it’s such a big deal.

We will keep lurching from crisis to crisis, faster and faster, he says. Find out how to stay afloat.

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