The Coronavirus Crash with Aaron Bastani, Novara Media

Adam Tooze and Aaron Bastani speaking over video
As economies around the world go into deep freeze, Aaron Bastani is joined by economic historian Adam Tooze to discuss the scale of the downturn and what it means for modern capitalism.
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Chartbook Audio #1 – 2019 FT Alphachat with Mark Blyth and Brendan Greeley

Back in February 2019 I sat down with two friends – Mark Blyth of Brown University (he of “austerity” and “angrynomics”) and Brendan Greeley of the FT – to talk about political economy, the 1970s, the “China shock”. It was a really good conversation. Recalling the scene – I think it was in my Columbia office – it seem as though it comes from another world. But the content has stood up well.

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