A history of the Great Financial Crisis, from the acclaimed author of The Deluge and The Wages of Destruction.

In September 2008 the Great Financial Crisis, triggered by the collapse of Lehman brothers, shook the world. A decade later its spectre still haunts us. As the appalling scope and scale of the crash was revealed, the financial institutions that had symbolised the West’s triumph since the end of the Cold War, seemed – through greed, malice and incompetence – to be about to bring the entire system to its knees.

Crashed is an original analysis of what happened and how we were rescued from something even worse – but at a price which continues to undermine democracy across Europe and the United States. Gnawing away at our institutions are the many billions of dollars which were conjured up to prevent complete collapse. Over and over again, the end of the crisis has been announced, but it continues to hound us – whether in Greece or Ukraine, whether through Brexit or Trump. Adam Tooze follows the trail like no previous writer and has written a book compelling as history, as economic analysis and as political horror story.

“monumental narrative history” – Martin Wolf, Financial Times

“most likely, the most remarkable nonfiction book which will be published in 2018 … A magisterial (economic) history of the last 10 years.” – Keerthik Sasidharan

“First-rate financial history and an admirable effort to wrestle a world-changing series of events between covers.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Do yourself a favor when it comes out and buy it.” – Duncan Weldon, Resolution Group

“But whatever happens next, Crashed is likely to stand the test of time as the best history of 2008 written in the decade afterwards.” – Duncan Weldon, Resolution Group

“combines an economic history with geopolitical analysis of the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent decade. …. VERDICT An important and insightful work that, while eminently readable, is most suitable for informed readers wanting an in-depth treatment of the subject.”
— Lawrence Maxted, Gannon Univ. Lib., Erie, PA (Library Journal)

“The prose is clear. The scholarship remarkable.” – Martin Wolf, Financial Times

“Even people who have followed this story closely will learn a great deal.” – Martin Wolf, Financial Times

“Finished Crashed last night. I highly recommend it.” – Matt C. Klein Barrons

“Tooze makes the arcana of international economic policy relevant to a lay audience by framing his account with Donald Trump’s political ascension. … In addition to making international economics understandable and attention grabbing, Tooze has written an essential addition to the ranks of histories that place Trumpism in context. ”  Publishers Weekly